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Among writers mentioned as favourites by Crace in an interview for this web site are:


Nature writers:

Barry Lopez writes about places remote from human civilisation and threatened by ‘progress’. He is extremely gifted at evoking natural landscapes. He is the author of numerous books of travel and landscape writing including Arctic Dreams.

E.O. Wilson is a professor of entomology and one of the most prominent biologists in the world. His writings on biodiversity, species extinction, and conservation have had a large impact on perceptions of the environment and approaches to protecting it. His books include The Diversity of Life, Consilience: the Unity of Knowledge, and a memoir, Naturalist (1994).

David Quammen, author of a long-running column in Outside magazine called ‘Natural Acts’, lists E.O Wilson among his own inspirations. Quammen’s books include The Song of the Dodo (1996), about the history, practice and lessons for the future of island biogeography, a branch of ecology that studies island habitats and their special place in the theory of evolution and extinction of species. The destruction of the natural environment and ‘wild’ places in particular is one of Quammen’s main concerns.



Michael Bracewell UK fiction writer and cultural critic, author The Crypto-Amnesia Club and England is Mine.

J.M. Coetzee South African novelist, twice-winner of the Booker Prize, author of Foe, Disgrace, and other novels, as well as several collections of essays and a memoir.

Toni Morrison American author, Nobel laureate, author of Beloved, Paradise, and other novels of the African-American experience.

Julie Myerson UK novelist, author of Me and the Fat Man and other books.

Rupert Thomson UK novelist, author of The Insult and other books.

Will Self UK writer, author of The Quantity Theory of Insanity, Grey Area, Great Apes and other works of fiction and journalism. Self’s writing is characterised by satirical humour and inventiveness.

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